Shipping & Delivery

All parcels we send out are eParcel unless you are in a location that we don’t normally send to and it may take a little longer to get to you.

eParcels come with a tracking code that you can monitor where your parcel is and roughly when it will arrive.

Here is an estimate of eParcel Delivery times depending where you live.


Shipping Info using eParcel

Australia 13-20 Days

USA 12-20 Days

UK 20-40 Days

Canada 16-26 Days


You can Track Your Items

Feel relaxed and watch your items as it gets shipped, you can track your items and anticipate it’s arrival. With eParcel your goods are tracked and you will receive a tracking code within about 5-10 days from ordering your product.


Location of items

Some of the items we have organized to be shipped directly from the manufacturers so you may receive your item in different parcels but you don’t have to worry because we are taking care of the shipping fees (orders over $50 Free Shipping) or promotions offer free shipping using eParcel.