Discover our Mission

Bohemian Free Spirit is in tune with ancient wisdom, self expression, yoga, meditation, living with bliss and joy, connecting with tribe that can be great in reconnecting us back to ourselves essentially in this hectic life with all the stress out there.

Everyone behind our brand resonates with the hippie bohemian (boho) free spirited lifestyle. Because for us it’s not all about business and money but squeezing all the love and joy out of life and asking ourselves how good does it get and knowing that it can always get better.

We want to make you totally satisfied because we want you with us for the long ride. That why our prices are super low, our service with a smile and if there is a purchase you are not happy with or you want to connect with us on social media and see what we are up to then we would love to hear from you.

We also can deliver these prices only because we deal directly with manufactures who are willing to offer us bulk discounts so we can pass on the saving to you 🙂

Does not matter where you are from, we ship almost anywhere on earth.

Much love and blessings from myself Ivan and the whole team 😉😍😜

Feel free to contact us and say hi.


Ivan Kramer

Ivan is a great gatherer of spiritual tribes.

He is all about living our true potential though hard work, open hearted living and leveling up our body, mind and soul in order to reconnect us to our pure essence within us all.

Ivan is here to serve and help people grow into their most brightest and fullest potential that they dreamed of.